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"Chocolate for the Ears" (Arlene Baxter)

Chocolate for the ears and every other good thing as well! The quality of music available for Scottish country dance in the Bay Area is astounding. We are most fortunate to have a large pool of breath-takingly talented musicians.

In addition to many musicians who play individually for classes and events, these are the local bands we often enjoy:

The best way to hear many of these fine musicians, in addition to special guest musicians, is on the new CD, that accompanies the San Francisco Branch Collection, Vol. II

Jane Muirhead produced both the book and CD for the SF Branch and it is available at the Branch Bookstore.

For many years, Kim McGarrity was our Branch Music Coordinator. To our deep sorrow, Kim died in July, 1998, following a long illness. Her many contributions enriched our lives and will be long cherished.

A special thank you, too, to Andy Imbrie who is doing a marvelous job as the Branch Music Coordinator. The music is fun! The music is wild! The music is amazing! A thousand thanks to all of the WONDERFUL people who play for Scottish country dance events! You make our feet fly!


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