Asilomar Ball

Class: Right hands around grip

Plesanton Games adjudication team, photo 1

Valentine's Ball, photo 1

Class: Pas de Bas

Plesanton Games adjudication team, photo 2

Valentine's Ball, photo 2

Class: Right hands across

Plesanton Games adjudication team, photo 3

Asilomar, Sunday mass class

Class: Cross by the right

Plesanton Games adjudication team, photo 4

Welcome to the Mountain View Scottish Country Dance Class (same name but now dancing in Palo Alto!)

We are pleased to welcome you all to a new year of Scottish Country Dance classes. NOTE NEW VENUE!! Beginning this September 2014, classes will be held at the First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto, at 625 Hamilton Avenue. The Fellowship Hall is located upstairs via entering to the right of the front patio area on Hamilton Street, between Webster and Byron Streets. (Please check their website for directions and parking info: FUMC)

Classes start the first Wednesday after Labor Day (September 3, 2014) with Introductory class for old and new friends (FREE for first timers) at the FUMC of Palo Alto. Classes are held most Wednesdays and lessons cost $10.00 weekly drop-in fee, or the equivalent of $8 per week if the whole semester fee is paid in full at the start of each session.

Class Structure

There are two main semesters:

  • September thru December (16 weeks, September 3 - December 17, 2014)
  • January thru May (21 weeks, January 7 - May 27, 2015)
  • Followed by dancing in the park during June, to be determined per dancer interest!!

There are two class levels: a basic skills class and a class for experienced dancers.

Teachers' Schedule

  • January thru May, Experienced - Alan Twhigg
  • January thru May, Basic Skills - Paula Jacobson

Class Schedule

  • 7:45 pm: All meet for warm-ups and announcements (come earlier if you have questions)
  • 8:00 pm: Class divides for lessons
  • 9:30 pm: Rejoin for social dancing and cool down
  • 10:00-10:30 pm: Tea-time, socializing, clean-up!

Other Useful Information

thistle bullet Parties and special events are planned throughout the year and will be announced in class.

thistle bullet PLEASE arrive promptly...we appreciate your consideration! The sign-in table will be located inside the main hall so any late-comers will be asked to enter and sign-in quietly so as not to disturb the classes already in session.

thistle bullet Signing-in (and paying!) is especially important for insurance purposes. Even if you've pre-paid we still need your signature to verify attendance for insurance, should anything happen.

thistle bullet Wearing nametags or dance-buttons is strongly encouraged, both to help introduce everyone as well as identify the dancers for the teachers.

thistle bullet Plan to stay for social dancing -- that's what Scottish country dancing is all about! This is a chance for newcomers and more experienced dancers to get acquainted.

thistle bullet After class, we welcome you to join in simple refreshments and socializing. Our new venue has access to a small kitchen, which will help especially when we celebrate our after-Party Potlucks!!

thistle bullet At least twice a year, the Mountain View Class schedules a "Town Hall Meeting" where teachers, managers and dancers can share news, concerns and suggestions for the benefit of the class. These meetings traditionally take place in October and March and are held at the end of class. All dancers are encouraged to attend.

thistle bullet Shoes and clothing:

If you don't have Scottish country dance footwear ("ghillies"), please find shoes with soft, non-skid, flexible soles. Light weight sneakers are OK. Some floors and shoes make for more slippery combinations than others. Ask teachers, managers, or fellow dancers for advice re: treating dance shoes with non-slip goop (class tube and brush available at sign-in desk). Some venues allow us to have "slip-stop" powder for dipping our shoes into when the floor is particularly slippery.

Women are encouraged to wear dresses or skirts and tops and those men who have them, wear kilts, or often will wear shorts. It's traditional... and also much easier for teachers to observe everyone's dancing technique if they can actually see the legs and feet!

Again, welcome! This class has been dancing for over 20 years. Please join us!

Class Contacts:

or email us at: